The United States Postal Service

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The United States Postal Service was originally called the United States Post Office Department. Under its initial name it ended up being managed and operated by the US Government. It is also identified as Post Office, US Mail, or perhaps Postal Service, which is commonly shortened to USPS. USPS is actually an independent department of the federal government government of the United States Of America responsible for the country‚Äôs postal solutions. It ended up being one of the few organizations specifically named and authorised in the United States Constitution. In 1775, Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first postmaster general of the USPS at the Second Continental Congress. However it was only in 1792 that a cabinet posting was created for the Post Office Department that ended up being made responsible for the organization initially operated by Benjamin Franklin. In 1972, the Postal Reorganization Act changed it into the USPS that people know today. In 2015, USPS had over six hundred 1000 employees and used over 2 100 1000 automobiles. Thus, USPS owns the biggest fleet of vehicles in the globe, aside from the armed forces. All US citizens have an enshrined constitutional right to use USPS at a set cost and excellence irrespective of their local geographics. The USPS offers an exclusive right to access any letter containers designated “U.S. Post” as well as personalized mail containers. USPS competes with numerous big and little personalized courier companies. These included small companies (such as Aerospeed Couriers) and bigger package delivery companies like FedEx, United Parcel Services (UPS), not to be confused with USPS. Despite competition from these and other businesses, since the 1980s, the United States government has not directly subsidised USPS. In 2006, the firm had its biggest income, which fell sharply in the downswing that followed shortly afterward. As a result the USPS began to look for other means of financing and started cost-cutting steps to decrease its liabilities. Also in 2006, the US authorities introduced a law by which $5.5 billion per year was settled to cover employee retirement.


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