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Aside from Aerospeed Couriers, generally there are numerous courier companies in South Africa. These range from large providers such as FedEx, United Parcel Services, TNT and DHL to small domestically operated South African companies like Sun Couriers, Ram, Skynet, Dawn Wing, Postnet, Courier-it and Aerospeed Couriers. All these courier companies in South Africa compete ferociously for the limited South African Market. Because the South African Postal service is actually so weak, and untrustworthy the number of courier companies in South Africa have increased such that 1 man shows come and go. Even a franchise operation like International Courier Brokers (ICB) has vanished in the very competitive South African environment for courier businesses in South Africa. Some of the smaller courier providers in South Africa focus on local routes, or sameday deliveries or road cargo, while other smaller courier firms in South Africa attempt to cover the whole world as well as to contend with the worldwide heavyweights. The courier organizations in South Africa have lots of ownership arrangements. Some tend to be sole-proprietors, while many tend to be close corporations, which may be family operated. Courier businesses in South Africa are additionally occasionally limited companies. Although governmental mail providers elsewhere in the world tend to be often inefficient, here inside South Africa, we have an particularly low-quality government mail service. For almost six months last year there were zero postal deliveries at all. As a consequence there has been a sudden hurry to supply these much needed deliveries by private providers. Most courier companies in South Africa provide a collection as well as door-to-door servicing, but some, like the local post office and PostNet usually require the client to drop off the package at their offices. Once the package is in their offices, they subsequently render a delivery directly to a street address. In summary, courier companies in South Africa offer a variety of really effective services. However, customers ought to be on their guard against fly-by-night businesses.


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